At the Cake Stop we have the equipment to display your cakes perfectly. With the opportunity to hire one or more of our beautiful stands you will find a structure that will fulfill your needs entirely.

We also have a number of tins of all shapes and sizes available to hire. See our 'tin hire' page for more.         

BASE STANDS   (All 14" diameter)

We have both round and square base stands available to hire in gold, silver or white. With a choice of ornate or plain designs, we will have the perfect stand to display your cake.





Base stand hire:     £30 refundable deposit           Hire: £10




2 tier stand hire:   £40 refundable deposit        Hire: £10






3 tier stand hire:     £50 refundable deposit          Hire: £15

4 Tier Stand

4 tier stand hire:    £60 refundable deposit          Hire: £20

Cupcake stands


Metal cupcake stand:    (Holds 23)        £30 refundable deposit        Hire: £10 

Metal cupcake stand:    (Holds 38)        £50 refundable deposit        Hire £15 

Perspex mini cupcake stand:                £75 refundable deposit        Hire: £15


7 tier perspex stand:             £200 refundable deposit       Hire: £35  

5 tier perspex stand:             £200 refundable deposit       Hire: £25

4 tier perspex stand:             £200 refundable deposit       Hire: £20



4 tier square stand:             £40 refundable deposit            Hire: £15 

4 tier round stand:               £40 refundable deposit            Hire: £15

4 tier cross-section stand:   £50 refundable deposit            Hire: £15

  Knife hire

Knife hire:  £15 refundable deposit               Hire: £5




     A selection of seperators, prices of hire & deposit vary, please contact for details.

Hire Terms & Conditions

Stands, Knives & Seperators 

Holding deposit of £5 required on booking.

If cancelled holding deposit non refundable.

Remaining deposit (cash or cheque only) + hire required on collection.

Deposit refunded on return.

Late returns will incur extra hire charge.

All damages must be paid for.